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"Take a proactive approach to your health and discover true wellness with chiropractic care."

Bozeman Chiropractors For Optimal Health

We are here to inspire you with the desire to live vibrantly! It’s our passion to give you the resources to live pain-free and well-functioning. We believe that health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a state of optimum well-being: physical, social, and environmental. Health seeks freedom from the negative effects of physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Good health is how we were created to live. With strength. With joy. With vitality.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to improve your nervous system, gently helping you perform at your best. Adjustments allow more energy and information to travel throughout the body, giving your body the power to activate its own healing potential!

Our patients say that our office has a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. Also, our patients say that nowhere else have they been given such a clear, empowering education about their bodies and true health.

Care for Pregnant Women and Children

We’re a wellness-based, alternative, holistic healing facility focusing on family care and specializing in pregnant women and children. Are you looking for a safe, soothing, restorative and non-invasive form of treatment? Why not give our style of chiropractic care a try?

What else do we offer you as our patient?

The team at Wellness Montana is prepared to guide you in complementary techniques that enhance
your chiropractic experience. We offer a variety of services including nutritional counseling and
testing, a massage and relaxation room, and periodic health classes and events. We take your health
seriously and want to partner with you in reaching a better, healthier lifestyle.

We love to answer your questions!

An Invitation from Wellness Montana

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for updated wellness tips and information on how you can reach optimal health. Get to know
Bozeman chiropractors Drs. Justin Anderson and Kimberly Anderson. Call or visit us today and
we’ll help you heal faster and live healthier.

Wellness Montana | (406) 522-5433

Serving families from Bozeman, Belgrade, Livingston and across Montana.

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