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Wellness Montana Reviews

What Our Bozeman Patients Say

At Wellness Montana we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Beautiful office and great private rooms. The Dr. is very observant and listens to everything you relate about personal pain and discomfort. Great access point to essential oils (doTerra), which are a great alternative to all the medications that a person would normally be prescribed from a hospital/clinical office.

- T.P.

I love the entire staff at Dr. Justin’s office. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I am very pleased with the care and the results I’ve been experiencing over the last month.

- M.L.

The first time I met Dr. Kim, she was so kind and understanding. She actually told me what was going on, instead of me telling her! It was amazing that everything I had been suffering with for years was due to my spine. After only a few adjustments, I had dropped nine pounds from her adjusting areas affecting my thyroid. I’m feeling so much better! I have dramatic results in every aspect of my life.

- K.A.

For three years I had been suffering with migraines two or three times a week. This is my third week of getting adjusted by Dr. Anderson, and since starting, I have not had a single migraine!

- T.S.

I consider chiropractic care to be a necessity during and after pregnancy to help the spine adjust to weight change and the baby’s growth. When Dr. Justin used the Webster Technique at each adjustment as I progressed in my pregnancy, I maintained my flexibility and alignment. Since my ligaments had been kept flexible the whole time, my body worked easily and naturally as I delivered my 10 ½ lb. baby girl!

- C.H.

When I first started coming to Wellness Montana, I loved the family feel of the office–completely unlike any other doctor’s office I had ever been to. There’s a whole atmosphere of wellness there, not a somber atmosphere as if in the presence of disease. Dr. Justin and Dr. Kim give the gift of facilitating health here! Many symptoms have improved–symptoms that I didn’t even consider when I started to be your patient.

- R.D.

I can honestly say that I am amazed with the results of just two weeks under Dr. Anderson’s care! I have little to no back pain after the first adjustment, and I’ve felt generally happier. Though it’s not gone, my anxiety has been a lot better and I have been able to drive. If these are the changes that take place in just two weeks, I am so excited to see what happens in the next few months! I might just get my life back.

- A.C.

Before starting treatment, I would have considered myself to be a very healthy person. However, upon viewing my xrays, I realized there were far more issues with my health due to a compromised spine, spurs, and digestive system…I am now nearly pain-free and my range of motion has significantly improved after two months of treatment. This has never occurred after a year of treatments with other chiropractors.

- J.B.


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