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Functional Medicine in Bozeman

Educating patientDr. Anderson, a skilled chiropractor and an expert in nutritional wellness. With over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, Dr. Anderson has helped thousands of patients achieve their wellness goals through personalized nutritional coaching.

Personalized Care for Lasting Well-being

Our practice employs a blend of specialized testing and customized care strategies to uncover and tackle the root causes of your symptoms. Our goal is not just to alleviate discomfort but to nurture your lasting well-being.

One-on-One Consultations

Dr. Anderson specializes in Brain Health, Functional Nutrition, AutoImmune, Fasting & Detox Education. His approach to healing the body is rooted in functional nutrition, making him a natural health expert. He believes in getting the body back to its optimal state, the way God designed it to function. This is why he offers personalized one-on-one nutritional consultations and creates individualized care plans for each patient.

Supplementation For Better Health

One of the key components of Dr. Anderson’s nutritional coaching is the use of supplements. He recommends whole food supplements from Standard Process, a brand that ethically and seasonally sources their ingredients from plants and animal organs. Their crops are grown on their own organic farm, ensuring the highest quality from seed to supplement.

Testing To Pinpoint Issues

In addition to nutritional coaching, our office also offers hormone testing, hair tissue mineral analysis testing, and food sensitivity testing. These tests help us further determine the root cause of your health concerns. Please keep in mind that these are just pieces of the puzzle to getting to the root cause. Dr. Anderson does not believe in a band-aid approach to your symptoms. His goal is to listen to your concerns and find a solution for true healing.

Consulting with patient

Some Functional Services Offered:

  • Autoimmune/Thyroid Program
  • Brain/Concussion Health
  • Detoxing
  • Fasting Program
  • Bloodwork and Labs

Who Benefits from Our Care?

Our doors are open to everyone—whether you’re managing chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, or mental health challenges, or dealing with specific concerns like ADHD, eczema, or infertility. Our practice is well-equipped to address your needs through targeted functional medicine testing and a personalized approach that gets to the very heart of your health issues.

To get started on your journey towards optimal health, simply fill out a detailed questionnaire form that Dr. Anderson will thoroughly review. This will help him determine the best route to reaching your wellness goals.


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